Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tonkotsu Ramen PopUp By Tsuru

Tsuru Sushi, Bishopsgate

I am a huge fan of ramen, especially Tonkotsu. The cloudy white broth of Tonkotsu is achieved by simmering pork bones and vegetables for many hours. Traditionally a soy sauce based sauce and some chicken stock are added to the serving bowl, together with the pork bone broth. The ratio of those ingredients are the best kept secrets of some of the best-selling ramen shops in Japan.

London has never had a proper ramen restaurant before, let alone one serving Tonkotsu. Most of the Japanese restaurants here serve ramen on the side, unfortunately none of them have even been close to what I’ve eaten in Japan. It was a pleasant surprise when I found out Tusru was planning to open a ramen restaurant in London this year, but deep inside I still had doubts as to whether they could meet the challenge to deliver the standard we are all longing for.

Luckily Tsuru have reassured us, the ramen lovers, with a series of ramen events. All four ramen pop-ups - Tokyo Shoyu, Tokyo Spicy, Hokkaido and Tonkotsu, were held successfully at their sushi restaurant on Bishopsgate in the last few months.

I attended the “Tonkotsu 2” pop-up. It was also the first ramen event after the Tsuru team came back from a research trip to Japan. I love the fact that we were given a printed menu with the background of their ramen adventure so far. We ordered a portion of pork gyoza and kara-age (deep fried chicken) each while we were waiting for the ramen.

So here it came. The collagen rich broth and half of a perfectly cooked nitamgo (marinated soft boiled egg) put a smile on my face. Tsuru had nailed the noodles. They were fresh and bouncy, totally different from the brittle ones in Wagamama (sorry I have to mention Wagamama because some people really think their noodles are okay!). The broth however was somewhat different from what I had in Japan before, which was a little darker in colour. Later I found out they used a salt based sauce instead of soy based, explaining the difference in colour. Tsuru is also working on more varieties of ramen toppings. I would love to see some menma (bamboo shoot), black sesame oil and seaweed. Slurp!

I really cannot wait for Tsuru ramen to open. The pop-up event tickets are on sale here. For £10 you get a bowl of ramen and an alcoholic drink. What are you waiting for?


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