Friday, 27 January 2012


Safa, Camberwell

It was one of those nights when we really craved a decent curry. There are so many Indian restaurants in South East London (there must be at least ten on Lordship Lane alone!), where should we go? I was aimlessly browsing the Internet, hoping to find recommendations for our curry fix, and then I came across PeckhamRyeEats’s blog post about an Indian restaurant called ‘Safa’ in Camberwell. It was a very positive review (and I really liked the sound of the fish starter), so we decided to  check it out.

The restaurant was furnished in a modern style with leather chairs and pendant lights. The staff were dressed smartly in black shirts, with green ties that matched the restaurant’s shop front. Most of the menu was pretty much the same as a generic high street Indian restaurant, but there were also some Southern Indian dishes on offer.

We had uttappam and fish Amritsar for starters. The pancake-like dish was topped with tomatoes, onions, chillies and curry leaves. It was nice and fluffy inside, although would have been better with a touch more seasoning. The batter surrounding the deep fried cod was thin and crispy, and the tomatoey chilli sauce was deliciously addictive.

I still cannot believe the lamb was shank priced at only £6.10! It was of a decent size, and slow cooked until very tender. It also came with spiced crushed potatoes and a small portion of pepper salad. I really enjoyed the tiger prawn dish, as it was hot and spicy, just how I like it! The mushrooms and the chopped onions in the masala based sauce gave extra texture, and took the edge off the spiciness.

Sides: Baingan Bharta (charcoal smoked aubergines cooked with onions and tomatoes) and garlic naan

It was a very enjoyable meal in Safa. The dishes we had were not greasy, and tasted fresh. I found the service a bit ‘cold’, but other than that, I cannot think of a reason why I would not go back. Another great discovery on Camberwell Church Street!


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