Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sushi of Shiori

Sushi of Shiori, Euston

As part of my big 30th birthday celebrations, one of my best friends took me out for dinner (yes I am so lucky!). We both love eating sushi, so we decided to give 'Sushi of Shiori' a go. We were blown away!

My first impression of the restaurant was that it was small, only around 15 covers. The restaurant has little in the way of decoration, it was bright and simple. There were only three staff working in the restaurant that night: a chef, a waiter (waitress?) and a kitchen porter. We sat at the counter, which allowed us to watch the chef’s every move. He is a very serious chef, he was very focused on his work, and barely talked to the other staff unless it was related to an order.

There were good selection of fish on the menu, the usual ones like salmon, tuna and prawns, as well as more exotic ones such as razor clams and sea urchin. You can have them in the form of sushi, sashimi, rolls or donburi (on top of rice). There was a small selection of sake as well.

Moving on to the food...

Razor clam sashimi - It was a work of art. The razor clam was cut into strips and carefully placed on its own shell, together with beautifully crafted cucumber, carrot and salad leaves.

Assorted sushi - Where should I start? There was tuna belly (chu toro), tuna, salmon belly, yellowtail, red snapper, squid, scallop, salmon roe, and the daily special maki. I particularly liked the mini ‘toppings’, which were tailor-made to enhance the flavour of each fish. Check out the truffle on top of the scallop! I would not have expected a £19 plate of assorted sushi to be of such a high quality. The squid with sea urchin was my favourite of the night. It was just so good...

We ordered more...

Amai ebi (sweet prawns)

Sea urchin gunkans

Grilled eel

and more...

From left to right - Mackerel, jumbo prawn, and negi toro rolls (minced tuna and spring onion)

Without doubt, the sushi at Sushi of Shiori is of a very high quality. What makes it so special is the chef’s attention to detail, and the thought that goes into every single piece of sushi. We finished our meal with a scoop of homemade sesame ice cream, planning our next visit for the omakase!

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